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Still not got Broadband ? Want to know more about it ?
8/03/2006 posted by Kevin S
Adslguide is the original and probably one of the best sources of information regarding broadband ADSL ISPs in the UK. ( not to be confused with a similiar and not so good copy-cat site with the same name but ending in .com )

They have been around since August 2005 ( well according to Waybackmachine anyway! ) providing a valuable insight into the developments of ADSL in the UK.

Incorporating a demand tracker that shows the lastest BT exchanges to be converted be ADSL compatible, a download/upload speed test page as well a daily updated news section about all things broadband. If you need to find out about particular ISPs, whether they are any good, or what other customers think of them, then this is definately worth popping over to.

Probably the best thing about, is the forums. They cover a wide range of ADSL issues, but most importantly each major ISP in the UK has a section associated with allocated to it.

This means that you can quickly identify the good from the bad just by seeing who is complaining about quality of service, or praising about excellent customer support levels.

Alot of these forums, especially for Zen, Plusnet etc tend to be the first point of contact for users with problems, in particular the Zen forum is constantly monitored by Zen support staff, which is a major bonus.

All in all well worth bookmarking.