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Cashback Sites - whats in it for them?
8/12/2005 posted by Kevin S
Whats in it for them. Well money obviously.

Recently I heard about these mystical sites that can make you oodles of cash - all you have to do is go to their website and click through to a retailer and buy things. Easy. It all sounds a bit fishy to me, I mean was exactly do they get out of it, time to investigate with google.

After a cup a tea, twenty minutes of googling and a bit of contemplation its seems the answer is quite alot probably.

Googling for cashback sites returns a numerious selection of websites that offer cashback for shopp;ing with retailers and cashback for click-thrus ( these are where you use a site like kelkoo that you access from the cashback site and kelkoo actually pay you - through the cashback site something like 0.10p for a search to one of kelkoos retailers. Hmmm its all very complicated in theory and seems to be a bit hit and miss in practice, usually down to the trackers ( cookies and popup windows ) that 'follow' you through your link clicks.

So you get paid for clicking thru, the Cashback sites get payed for you clicking thru so everyones a winner.

Well not exactly. In my experience some of the click thrus don't always work and you don't always get your cash. Various obstacles seem to confound the whole procedure and after a bit of research I discovered the follwing tips that might help out.

1. Clear your cookies before you start - Annoying, but the whole thing is cookie driven.
2. Use Internet Explorer - Most retailer sites are geared to this browser. Firefox and Opera don't seem as reliable.
3. Don't block popups or Cookies - Security fau-pau No.1 I know, however the trackers that use cookies are sometimes in popups.

Here are some direct links to popular UK cashback sites ( in no particular order and there are definetly others )

Free Fivers

Remember, theres no such thing as a free lunch so be careful out there!