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02/03/2006 posted by Kevin S
If like me, you have dozens ( well a few ) bank accounts, whether they be current account, savings, ISA or even Credit Cards, keeping track of all of these accounts through all the various providers can be a real pain.

Just trying to remember all the different passwords, or writing them all down and worrying about someone finding your secret banking details and accessing your accounts can be quite stressful.

This complexity is probably one of the main reasons people do not have multiple accounts with different banks and building societies and means that they are potentially missing out on better rates but the managing of it all is stopping them.

Fortunately Egg have a Money Manager application that is associated with an account that you have opened with them. Also they are giving away 10 Pounds for just opening the Money Manager, even if you don't use it. Can't be bad!

Essentially it is an extra, easy to setup component, that runs *only* with Internet Explorer and allows you to link in most other accounts that you have with other providers into a single webpage shown through

Once you have entered all the login details for the other provider, the Egg Money Manager will automatically log into these accounts, showing up-to-date account information and then allows you to click a single link and log into that account without having to type in lots of passwords and memorable name details.

So all you need to rememeber is you Egg Account Details. Highly Recommended.

Egg Money Manager