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EXIF and Digital Cameras
8/12/2005 posted by Kevin
EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format.

EXIF data is commonly stored as part of the images ( usually JPEG ) captured by most modern digital cameras.

Why is it useful ?

The usefulness comes from the detailed information stored alongside the original image, for example the exact time and date, which camera model was used to take the picture; even things like the flash settings and white balance are typical pieces if information stored.

How can I find out this EXIF information

Easy, if you are runnning Windows XP then simply hovering them mouse on the picture or right clicking and choosing properties will show you all the data. You can also use a package like PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro.

Tip: Make sure when you save or copy your images taken with a digital camera that if the application asks you to copy EXIF data too, say yes; otherwise all the valuable information in the image will be lost. Also be wary of some applications simply removing the EXIF data from your JPEGs without your knowledge ( usually when resizing or modifying the image! )

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