Review Morex Cubid 3677 - Silver Home

Review Morex Cubid 3677 - Silver
11/12/2005 posted by Kevin S
Model no : Cubid 3677
Colour : Black / Silver
Case dimensions : 65 (H) x 275 (D) x 210 (W)
Main board size : VIA Mini-ITX Form Factor (170 x 170)
CD-ROM Bay : Slim Type x 1
HDD Bay : Slim Type(2.5") x 1
USB In Front Port : 2 x USB(2.0) Port In front of panel
System Fan : 1 * 6CM(Sleeve Type) Fan

More info at Morex Cubid 3677

First Impressions
This case is very small and compact with a solid build quality. Three screws at the back hold the case down which slides off to reveal the insides.

Inside the space is well laid out, with a single Fan which can connected to the Epia mainboard I was using. The noise level of the fan is low and is only really audiable in a quite room. A comparison for loudness is to that of an original Playstation2.

One complaint about the case is the brushed silver seems to mark very easily.

Inside the case is seperate platform that is removeable, onto which the optical drive ( Slimline ONLY ) and a single 2.5 inch HD can be plugged in.
Installation point; make sure that the POWER cable is placed underneath the removeable plate, placing it ontop of the HD will likey damage it due to the lack of space between the underside of the lid and the HD once mounted.

The Kit comes with an External 12V Dc PSU and a nice vertical mounting stand which the case slides easily in and out of. Note there are rubber feet inside the mounting case to grip the case which is does quite well.

If you like bright blue Leds then this is your case, at the front is one such device. Its actually quite bright, in a dark room you can almost read a book by it!

One last important point point it DOES NOT have room for any PCI card, so be warned.