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Nethouseprices, how much is your house worth ?
8/12/2005 posted by Kevin S
Recently I had to move house due to the landlord selling up. So a few months later I wondered how much the house I had come to know as home was sold for. I could hardly ask the Landlord ( well I could have but that would have been rude ) and the Estate agents might have told me, but since I wasn't an interested party I would seriously doubt it. Being a regular peruser of, i found a link to a very useful site called

For absolutely no money or fee and without any requirement to register details you can use the nethouseprices site to find out how much any house has been sold for since 2001 anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The records searched are apparently from the Land Registry and are therefore in the public domain. Since it simply lists the selling price and completion date of the property its easy to see what your house sold for.

Whats even more intersting is that you can look back and see previous sales of your house and you neighbours houses. Nothing beats being a nosey parker on the sly.

There are other sites that perform the same function, however they charge and you need to register - which I never do if at all possible.

check out and

edited 16/06/07: Also see Property Snake, its a great free site for tracking falling house prices in your area.