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9/03/2006 posted by Kevin S
High Definition Television is at last arriving in the UK. The Satellite broadcaster Sky has recently started broadcasting several of its popular channels in High Definition formats.

To recieve HD from Sky, you need to have have a HD Sky decoder, as well as a high definition television, usually plasma or LCD, that has one or more HDMI inputs. In addition to this Sky is also charging a subscription fee to receive these channels, for the latest details ( since they are likely to change regularly) see the sky website.

Points to Note

  • If you already have Sky+ you will still need to upgrade to a SkyHD+ box.
  • The SkyHD+ box will allow recording in High Definition.
  • Sky HD supports 720p and 1080i. See for explanations of these formats.
  • The satellite dish is the same mini-dish for both regular and HD sky.
  • The Sky Decoder will only have one HDMI connector.
This is a list of the current channel rundown as of 9th March 2006

  1. Ch 197 - Sky One HD
  2. Ch 405 - Sky Sports HD
  3. Ch 311 - Sky Movies 9 HD
  4. Ch 312 - Sky Movies 10 HD
  5. Ch 756 - Sky Box Office HD
  6. Ch 593 - National Geographic HD
  7. Ch 158 - ArtsWorld HD
  8. Ch 557 - Discovery HD

For more information visit the Sky HD website. Be warned it uses Flash player and is a bit slow.

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