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27/02/2006 posted by Kevin S
Ever wondered where all those old web pages go? Well there is no need to wonder any more. WayBackMachine is the internet archive resource for finding out about those pages that used to be on the internet but are no more.

Type in a URL and you will be presented with a chart of the website going back in time to 1996.
Waybackmachine will have archived the pages from that website ( if it existed then ) at fairly regular intervals, typically a couple of times a month.

It can be quite interesting browsing back over old websites, maybe your own, or other corporate or public company pages to see how they have evolved over the years.

Another great use is for recovering data from your old website that you accidentaly deleted, Waybackmachine doesn't just grab the webpage text, but also makes a good stab at saving all the images from the page too.

Here are a few sites to get you going that automatically link to the Waybackmachine search.