Dartford Tunnel, Prices, Charges and Tolls

Prices tolls and costs to cross over.
The Dartford Crossing joins Dartford and Thurrock across the River Thames in London.

Thurock River Crossing

was first opened in 1963 and since then has been expanded several times to cope with increased traffic.
There are no cyclepaths or footpaths in the tunnels or on the bridge. A free shuttle service is available for cyclists and pedestrians.
All other vehicles, except Motorcycles, must pay a toll, except at Night when it is now FREE to cross.
Tolls for both directions of travel are collected at

toll boothes

on the south side of the crossing.



crossing charges

are shown in the table below and are correct as of the 1st December 2014

Important You can no longer pay at the barriers when you use the Dartford Crossing. Instead you will be able to pay in advance, or up to midnight the day after crossing.
Pay the Dartford Crossing charge (Dart Charge)

FREE Bicycles Bicycles FREE
FREE Motor Bikes Motor Bikes FREE
[DART-Tag] £1.67
cars Cars FREE
[DART-Tag] £2.63
Goods Vehicle Goods Vehicle FREE
[DART-Tag] £5.19
Lorries HGV and Coaches FREE

You'll get a Penalty Charge Notice if you don't pay.

There are No charges at night or any extra charge for trailers. There's also discounts when using a pre-paid DART-tag

Disabled Persons vehicles. There is no charge if exempt from payment of Road Fund Tax in the United Kingdom.

Trailer - Towed Trailers are now FREE

Breakdown. If your vehicle breaks down causing an obstruction on the roadway,
it will be removed from the crossing free of charge.